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Making My Life Better By Binge Watching: Going Deep with David Rees

File under: Fun facts see also: genuine enthusiasm for science

There’s pretty much nothing I don’t love about this show. John Hodgman had been talking it up for weeks, but out of laziness I didn’t go out of my way to watch it until tonight. I put it on intending to watch one episode and I ended up binge watching the whole season so far.

Here’s a list of things I love about Going Deep…

  • David Rees. This show wouldn’t work without him and his sincere excitement about what he’s learning. 
  • The love for the unsung experts of everyday stuff.
  • The everyday science facts. It perfectly feeds my love of annoying people with fun facts.
  • The filming and editing style. It’s snappy and fun and full of silly little details.
  • Seeing the “seams” of the show. I absolutely love that they use the blooper style moments and often show/involve the crew. It’s a spot on choice for a how to style show.
  • The Wes Andersonesque title cards that introduce the experts.
  • The on-the-spot songs (someone get David Rees & Elliott Kalan together in an impromptu musical)
  • The humor. I laugh out loud at least 3 times per episode.
  • The high fives! So many high fives.

Do yourself a favor and watch this show.

My thoughts pretty much exactly. This show is one of the most enjoyable TV experiences I’ve had in many years.