"Let’s Split a Banana Split" is my new favorite song - hands down. Even though it’s not all that new to the rest of the world. It’s probably already your favorite…

I’ve somehow missed the duo Lullatone until now… Beyond their lovely, mostly instrumental, songs (and ringtones!), they are also behind the sounds of patatap - the latest browser-based gadget that will steal your time and soothe your primal human urge to tap on things to make sounds.

Yes, there are the occasional stories about someone winning the lottery and “tipping” their waitress $10,000. But that’s not a tip. That’s a GIFT. And giving people gifts is at anyone’s discretion. But as this article points out, tipping is not a gift and is entirely unfair to all involved.

I lived on tips for years. I’m a compulsive over-tipper because of it… And I’ve got no general problem with giving a little extra for those rare occasions when things were spectacular or someone does you a true favor.

Seamless includes tips, but still singles them out. Uber has nixed the tip altogether. If my Uber driver gets me where I’m going with a level of style, aplomb, or above-and-beyond service, damn straight they’re getting a tip.

But paying people less so that everybody else has to complete their salary? We’re beyond the necessity of this hollow transaction.